Article wrapper

@rem = '--*-Perl-*--
@echo off
perl.exe %_batchname %$
goto endofperl
@rem ';

# Compress mail...

require 'n:/home/nwalsh/lib/';
require '';
use Cwd;

select (STDERR); $| = 1;
select (STDOUT); $| = 1;

@DIRS = ("/home/nwalsh/Mail");
while (@DIRS) {
    $dir = shift @DIRS;
    opendir (DIR, $dir);
    while ($fname = readdir(DIR)) {
        $file = "$dir/$fname";
        next if ! -d $file;
        next if $fname =~ /^\.\.?$/;

        print "$file\n";
        push (@DIRS, $file);
        &compress ($file);


The prologue handles embedding a Perl script in a DOS batch file.


The goto statement, interpreted by the DOS batch file interpreter, skips over the body of the Perl script. (Note that this callout has an “id” attribute that is referenced by a “linkends” attribute on the callout bug for line 4 above.)


The require statement sources in external program fragments.


The use statement is similar, but has additional utility. It is a Perl5 function. (Note that this callout area specifies both a line and a column.)


This is a user subroutine call.