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[Abbrev] A Really Full BiblioEntry. Subtitle. Any Street / Anywhere, XX 99999 / USA. ArtPageNums. AuthorFirstname AuthorSurname. AuthorInitials. The names of some collaborators. confdates. conftitle. confnum. Any Street / Anywhere, XX 99999 / USA. confsponsor. ContractNum. ContractSponsor. Copyright © 1998 Copyright holder. CorpAuthor. Date. Edition. EditorFirstName EditorSurname. Honorific. FirstName. ISBN. ISSN. IssueNum. OrgName. OCFirstName OCSurname. PageNums. ProductName. ProductNumber. PubDate. PubPublisherName. Any Street / Anywhere, XX 99999 / USA. PublisherName. PubsNumber. ReleaseInfo. SeriesVolNums. VolumeNum.

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