Search indexing

Run ant index in the webhelp directory to index the content. Running ant webhelp will do the indexing as part of the process as well.

Here's some detailed information about invoking the indexer. The indexing process is pretty smooth, so probably you doesn't need to be concerned with following details. Webhelp Ant script does all the needed bits.

  • Following should be in the CLASSPATH.

    • webhelpindexer.jar, lucene-analyzers-3.0.0.jar, lucene-core-3.0.0.jar - These three are available in the extensions/ directory of docsbook-xsl-1.76.1, and is automatically fetched to the webhelp's Ant script. Go for a XSL snapshot if you can which contains the latest version

    • xercesImpl.jar, xml-apis.jar - These two comes by default with Ant 1.8.0 or prior versions. These are available under /usr/share/java directory of Linux distributions as well. Else, you may have to download, and put them to jre/lib/endorsed.

  • The main class is com.nexwave.nquindexer.IndexerMain for the version 1.76.1+. It's com.nexwave.nquindexer.IndexerTask for the versions 1.76.0 and 1.76.1.

    • Needs two parameters as command-line arguments:

      • The folder where the files to be indexed reside

      • (Optional) language. defaults to "en". See for details


    We have changed the way we invoke the webhelp indexer from the Ant Task to indexertask to direct invocation. This seems to have remove the CLASSPATH issue some people were having.

To build the indexer, you must have installed the JDK version 1.5 or higher and set the ANT_HOME environment variable.