autolink.index.see — Link index see and seealso to index primary


<xsl:param name="autolink.index.see" select="1"></xsl:param>


If this param is set to a non-zero value, (default = 1), then the stylesheet will attempt for form a link between a see or seealso element and a matching indexterm primary element.

The stylesheet uses an exact text match after applying the normalize-space() function. If the see or seealso text contains a comma, then only the text prior to the comma is used. This assumes the author is using the convention "see primary, secondary" to specify a subentry. Automatic links always land on the primary entry in the index, so the reader has to look down to see the secondary entry.

If there is no match on a primary, no link is formed, but the text still displays.

No attempt is made to automatically link to text in secondary or tertiary elements. If you want to link to such elements, you can form a manual link by adding a linkend attribute to the see or seealso element, where the linkend references an id or xml:id attribute on such a subelement. Such manual links take precedence over any automatic links.

If this parameter is zero, then no automatic links from see and seealso are formed within the index. Any manual links are still processed, however.

If a document contains more than one index, then any indexterms used in more than one index will generate duplicate id attributes, which will cause the FOP processor to fail. Therefore the stylesheet turns this feature off if it detects more than one index and setindex, and the fop1.extensions parameter is nonzero.