Adding images

This section shows how to add images to WebHelp. For that, follow the simple procedure given.

  • Put the images in a subdirectory of your source file directory. For example docsrc/images.

  • Then refer to those images from your docbook document.

    Following image is from webhelp/docsrs/images/sample.jpg. The docbook code is shown below.

    Figure 1. Sample Image

    Sample Image

    Example 1. Example code for adding images. Note down the relative path used

          <imagedata fileref="images/sample.jpg" format="JPG"/>

  • The file controls what directories are copied over from the source tree to the output tree:

    # If your document has image directories that need to be copied
    # to the output directory, you can list patterns here. 
    # See the Ant documentation for fileset for documentation
    # on patterns.